How to know if what I eat is good for me

14881197_10207901104471114_1076445878_oAlthough this question seems ridiculous, many people keep asking this to me; And how do I know if I’m eating healthy? “” Well, “I reply,” how do you feel after eating? ” .  Your body knows whether you gave it food or imitation of food. When you eat unbalanced you feel without energy and in the case of the woman, it happens that the hormones are allocated, after we pass the age of 33, our hormones get crazy very easily . It seems that we are in menopause, it harder to lose weight and fat is stored in the stomach area. If any of this is happening to you, then you´ll know you’re not eating well.
How to know what to eat?
I explain more about this in my book , here
there are steps and easy tips that you can follow until you balance your health, on a par with your personal physician.
Traditional nutrition is for me the best way to achieve this. It works for me and millions of followers of this movement. What is traditional nutrition? so simple; keep your meals as natural as possible,  without using microwaves, or condiments of boxes, pots or cans. Cook from cero. It seems like a lot of work, but it’s the same effort as when you do pre cooked meals, believe me.


Here’s a list that will help you live better and keep your family healthy. This list is taken from a foundation that collects the work of Dr Price, who was one of the pioneers of holistic health and whose work has been corroborated by hundreds of colleagues in the scientific community since his first publications in 1920s
 Guide to a healthy diet

Eat unprocessed, whole foods.
Eat meat, organs, and eggs from animals that have been outdoors feeding on grasses.
Consume wild fish (not farmed) and seafood from non-contaminated waters.
Eat full-fat dairy products from cows that have grazed outdoors. Preferably consume raw and / or fermented dairy products, such as raw (unpasteurized) milk, yogurt, kefir, fermented butter, cheeses made from unpasteurized milk and sour cream.
Use animal fats, especially butter, abundantly.
Use traditional vegetable oils only such as extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, small amounts of flaxseed oil, coconut oil and palm oil. Check that they have been extracted in the traditional way.
Take cod liver oil regularly – 1 teaspoon per day for adults, ½ teaspoon per day for children under 12 years.
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, preferably organic, in salads and soups, or lightly steamed with butter.
Use whole grains, legumes and nuts that have been soaked, sprouted or fermented to neutralize phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors and other anti-nutrients.
Include lacto-fermented foods regularly in your diet, as they contain larger amounts of enzymes, which contributes to better digestion and assimilation. Examples of these are the sauerkraut (fermented cabbage or sauerkraut), chutneys (condiment), kombucha (drink.)
Prepare broths from chicken, beef, lamb, and fish bones, and use them liberally in soups, sauces, and stews.
Use filtered water for cooking and drinking.
Use unrefined celery salt and a variety of herbs and spices to stimulate appetite.
Make your own dressing using raw vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and extracted flaxseed oil with ejector.
Use natural sweeteners in moderation, such as raw honey, tree syrup, date sugar, dehydrated sugarcane juice (sold under the name Rapadura) and Stevia powder.
Use only un-pasteurized wine or beer, very sparingly, along with meals.
Cook only in stainless steel, iron, glass or good quality ceramic.
Use only good quality food supplements.
Get enough rest, exercise, and sunlight.
Think positively and practice the art of forgiving.


# 1 Danger Of Estrogen In Foods

Estrogen in foods is very dangerous because causes the excess of estrogen in our body.
Estrogen is a hormone in our body, although it is known as “the female hormone” is also in the male body and when one passes the ideal level of this hormone results in damage to health. In men, their testosterone is low and causes the man to have female characteristics. In women, it causes thyroid problems, fatigue, fertility problems, breast tumors and cancer of the ovaries.
Natural medicine supported the consumption of soy which is the food over leaded with more estrogen, because at one time soy was very famous in Japan, and began the myths about soy and good health shown by the Japanese, and over-production Of soy in USA suddenly became the “super food” without any scientific basis.
Nowadays estrogen is known to be not good, soy and all its derivatives cause a lot of damages, as I say in my book “Health that suits you” studies have demonstrated the ravages of soy.
Estrogen exists in many foods such as flax-seed, milk and dairy products if they are grown conventional style. That’s why I recommend organic or grass fed dairy and meet.
Refined carbohydrates and all kinds of sugars acts as estrogen in our body. Bottled water is full of poison and the body interprets most of these as estrogen as well.

The best way to cleanse ourselves of excess estrogen is to fast for at least three days and drink plenty of water and aloe Vera juice, avoid sugar during those three days. Then consume a lot of vegetables from the  cruciferous family (Arugula, Bok choy, Broccoli, Broccoli rabe, Brocollina. Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, Berry, Horseradish, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mustard greens, Radish, Red cabbage, Swedish turnip , Turnips, Turnip Leaves and Watercress.

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We must  avoid consuming estrogen and the most important thing to cleanse our body from this poison that does not suit you.

6 Habits that age you

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Some people seem to have stopped time and never grow old. And there are also cases that people seem older than their age, even though these people do not do drugs or eat fast food. The truth is that genes have a lot to do with this, but  there are habits, that aren´t healthy, that will certainly  age you and even change the genes of anyone even if they are the best genes in the world.

Habit # 1 We all know this one; Sleep little. Sometimes because we work a lot and feel that if we sleep for many hours, we are going to miss out something or because we love so much what we do, that we feel that sleeping is wasting time. The truth is that scientific studies have proved once and a thousand times; That the brain of people who sleep less than 6 hours at night, and / or who sleep late, work at night etc, these brains age 20 years older so that a person who does not sleep at night, the recommended hours, when turning 50 years old, his brain already scratches by the age of 70. So lack of sleep, is placed in the # 1 aging habit.

Habit # 2– Holding grudges ages every cell of the human organism. Thousands of scientific studies have made it clear that resentment is an emotion called “negative” because it causes a super production of acid in the blood, specifically affecting the pancreas. The acidity in the blood ages people very fast. All the spiteful looks older than they have.
Habit # 3-Eat inlaid. These foods are filled with nitrate and chemical salts very damaging to the immune and the adrenal system, which accelerates the aging rhythm of the cells and therefore can cause cancers.

Habit # 4- Consuming processed sugar; Sugar, even if it comes from organic sugar cane, if it is processed, refined, in bread, cupcakes or something like that; It is processed sugar and everyone who eliminates this from their life, heals, loses weight and rejuvenates remarkably.

Habit # 5- Not cleaning your face every night, and make sure it is really clean. Make-up chemicals, mixed with sweat and air pollutants, result in the perfect formula to destroy your epidermis and dermis, damaging your face and making you look older.

Habit # 6- Not wearing sun protection. The radiation emitted from the sun, is very harmful to the skin of the face. You have to worry about using sun block that protects of the two types of rays; The UVA and UVB that are the ones that age and burn the skin at the same time. In the market there are many products that promise protection. Always look for organic products. And you do not have to believe the videos that are teaching how to make sun block at home.

And remember to be grateful for everything that you have. That´s a good trick to keep looking younger.

3 Benefits oF Fasting.

 By Yahaira Florentino.

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Fasting is in style for some time now by the health junkies, but the truth is that this is a practice that is primitive in human history. Fasting is built in, into our DNA. In ancient times humans didn’t have food available every day like we do today. In the winter people would have to fast just because they couldn’t find food so easily. So fasting practice is in our DNA.

Some of my friends think I’m crazy to fast just with water for days every year. I look at least 5 years younger of my real age and I know that’s for my nutrition habits plus the fasting I’ve been doing for years. This culture promotes over eating as a normal thing to do but that movement just started 50 years ago. Never in human history people ate that much, and as result we have a much more sick generation now than ever before. Yes you can live longer now than in the last 1000 years or so, but the quality of life is worse than ever before and studies show that a big cause of this phenomena is due to over eating. Fasting seems to fix a lot of the health problems we have today.


# 1 Benefit of fasting is that it helps your metabolism to burn fat. According to fasting defenders like Professor Mattson, DR Mercola, Dr Longo and so many others, fasting resets your metabolism, and your body starts to use the fat storage when fasting, so that cause weight loss because it suppresses ghrelin levels, “the hunger hormone” When you fast your body starts to eat up its reserves. The first it eats up the sugar reserves, then the fat, then speeds up the metabolic circle. Many people report a loss of up to 10 LB in a 3 days water or green juice fasting. Meaning that for 3 days you don’t eat, you just drink as much water as you can, or 3 green juices plus a gallon of water.

Note. Water fast should be monitored by a doctor. Green juice fast should be made of a green apple, apiece of celery, half of cucumber and a half of lemon. Take the first juice after noon, then second juice after 4pm the last juice by 8pm as the latest.

#2 Benefit of fasting is that fasting seems to improves brain function, studies show that fasting prevents and or delaying Alzheimer’s. Fasting helps with mental clarity, focusing, reduction of anxiety, mental fog, and even paranoia symptoms. I personally experience this level of better my focusing to the roof. I remember my first time fasting. I did 3 days water only then liquid and 4 colonics. I started to remember to speak Italian which I had forgotten years before. Imagine my impression… Fell in love with fasting ever since. Here’s a link where DR Mattson explains more in detail about his team research on this matter.

Mattson is a prolific scientific researcher, and you can find links to some of his work here: You can also find his TED talk at

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